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Jun 4, 2018

Today we discuss the very devastating and horrific subject of human trafficking. We dive in deep to bring forth a greater understanding and awareness of what human trafficking is, on what level it exists today, and how it can affect anyone, regardless of their socioeconomic status.


Special guest, Bianca Morales-Egan of PCI Global, joins us today to shine a light on some of the misconceptions of human trafficking. She shares how we can increase our awareness to not only identify any red flags, but also educate our vulnerable youth to prevent them from falling victims to human trafficking.


We Discuss:

  • Important facts and statistics about human sex trafficking
  • Properly educating your children and creating an open line of communication
  • The many ways that someone can fall victim to this life of human trafficking
  • Why no one is immune to this horror, regardless of socioeconomic status
  • How big of a problem human trafficking is and why it’s more prevalent in particular areas
  • The relationship an exploiter or facilitator typically creates with their victim(s)
  • Proving that a trafficking situation is taking place through force, fraud, or coercion
  • Why lonely, isolated, or troubled children are often the most vulnerable targets
  • The average lifespan of someone who’s stuck in the life of human trafficking
  • The biggest deterrents for victims to not go to the police or try to get help
  • What PCI Global is doing to prevent people from becoming victims
  • Staying safe on social media and setting healthy boundaries with others
  • How you can get involved and help prevent human trafficking


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