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Aug 6, 2018

Today we’re talking about the long and short of relationships. We discuss helping children through the effects of a divorce, and the impact of relationships on financial literacy.


Published international parenting educator and consultant, Dr. Deena Stacer, provides parents with the necessary strategies and support to help their children effectively when going through a divorce. She shares several valuable resources for conflictual co-parents, designed to stop the fighting and create a healthy environment for everyone.

My second guest, Cheri Blair, has been serving and empowering women, business owners, and their families with financial services for over 24 years. She talks about how long-term relationships can often harm financial literacy and emphasizes the importance of making financial decisions together in committed relationships.


We Discuss:

  • The 3 parts of all loss and how they relate to divorce
  • Divorce through the eyes of children and the impact it has on them
  • Why some parents can co-parent with one another while others cannot
  • Recovering from the guilt that many children feel after a divorce
  • The two major fears that parents have when going through a divorce
  • Strategies for preparing children for a transition into shared custody
  • The impact that long-term relationships can have on financial literacy
  • How you can keep your marriage together and still be financially literate


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