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Aug 27, 2018

Today we’re talking about being both contagious and courageous in life.


Recording artist, TV show host, and public speaker, Amy Scruggs, joins us to share helpful insight on dealing with unwelcome change in life. She gives advice for shifting from a disabling mindset to an empowering mindset and thriving from a place of gratitude.

Mortgage professional and Regional Manager of One Trust Home Loans, Kelly Kline, has spent almost 19 years as a mortgage professional. He talks about what’s happening in real estate today, covering topics of interest rates, first-time homebuyers, and the two key components of buying a house.

Marine Veteran and Author, John Nastav, also joins us to recall his personal memories and anguish that continue today after serving three tours in Vietnam. He shares his journey and the story behind his book titled In Thy Mother’s Honor.


We Discuss:

  • How to deal with unwelcome change in our lives
  • Shifting our mindset by focusing on what empowers us versus what disables us
  • What’s happening today in the real estate world
  • What lenders are looking for and what can be done ahead of time to get a loan
  • The 2 key components of lending and buying a house
  • John Nastav’s journey as a Vietnam Veteran and the story behind his book In Thy Mother’s Honor


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