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Dec 22, 2018

Today we’re talking about activating stem cells in the body to promote the amazing effects of age reversal.


As we age, the activity of our stem cells declines rather rapidly. By the time we are over the age of 60, this activity is down by at least 60%.

This means that we aren’t as agile anymore, our bodies heal at a much slower pace, and we produce less and less new cells. But move over Dorian Gray and Benjamin Button… it looks like discovering the fountain of youth is possible after all!

David Schmidt, Founder and CEO of LifeWave, joins me today to talk about the hottest new product on the market – The LifeWave X39. This patch is designed to activate stem cells by reflecting very specific wavelengths of light that have been scientifically proven to stimulate age reversal.

David shares several extraordinary benefits of using the X39, including wrinkle reduction, deeper levels of sleep, increased energy, and reduced pain and inflammation.


We Discuss:

  • Saying the right thing when you don’t know what to say to help people in emotional pain
  • How LifeWave Technology works and the benefits of using these wellness products
  • What causes aging, anti-aging, and the possibility of actual age reversal in the body
  • How phototherapy uses the reflection of particular wavelengths of light to improve health
  • The steps that we can take today to achieve better health and an increased level of energy
  • Why Glutathione is the body’s master antioxidant and how it supports the immune system
  • How the X39 activates stem cells in the body and resets them to a younger, healthier state


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