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May 20, 2019

Today we’re talking about losing weight after 40.


There are some interesting things that go on for us after we turn 40. With age comes many things right? Some of them are welcome, like wisdom, more character, and appreciation of life.

But, one of the unwelcome changes that often comes is the very real possibility of needing a bigger pant size. Yup! After 40 those extra pounds sure do have a way of creeping up on us. 

Dr. Roopa Chari joins me today to discuss her cutting-edge program for helping women over 40 lose their unwanted weight in a healthy way.

She shares how her proven natural approach treats the underlying causes of both physical and psychological conditions with natural remedies, mind/body techniques, and advanced wellness technologies that deliver results.


We Discuss:

  • Some of the biggest frustrations for women over 40 when dealing with weight loss/gain
  • Why weight can be so difficult to lose, even when eating right and exercising regularly
  • How the sense of shame and guilt around weight can affect all areas of someone's life
  • The many changes that are taking place after the age of 40 and how they affect us
  • How an elevation of stress and cortisol can lead to excess belly fat that's difficult to lose
  • Why our subconscious beliefs can play such a huge role in being able to lose weight
  • Getting to the root cause - physically and emotionally - of what may be affecting us
  • Why excessive exercise can actually do more harm than good and lead to more issues
  • How the health of our digestive system plays a huge role in our weight and ability to lose it
  • Why fad diets and the "one size fits all" approach rarely ever actually work for anyone


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