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Oct 27, 2020

One of the biggest stressors for Americans today is the upcoming election. People are filled with fear about how to make their vote count, the possibility of long lines at the polls, and voter tampering, among many other fears.


We are a country filled with division and anger and fear right now and no area shows that better than the current climate of fear and angst that is created by the prospect of voting. How do we vote safely? How do we make sure that our vote is counted? Is there anybody making sure that the voting is being done honestly?


In this show, we get those answers from Ruth Weiss who is Vice President, Director of Legislative Oversight, and Director of Education and Training for the Election Integrity Project. She is also a member of Election Integrity Alliance, a national organization of state-based election integrity groups founded for the purpose of sharing information and best practices.


In this discussion, Ruth tells us where to vote, how to vote, and when to vote. You don’t want to miss this show because it definitely WILL relieve any election stress you may be feeling. We all know that this is the most important election in our history. We need to get our votes out there.


We need our voices heard, but we also need to stay safe. Don’t let the fear-mongering that is being perpetrated by the present administration affect your peace of mind or your ability to have your vote count. Please join Paula and Ruth Weiss to get the answers you need!


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