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Dec 18, 2020

Join Paula for this special holiday show where she interviews her Dad, Jack Gutman, two days before his 95th birthday!


Jack was born in 1925, back when the world was a very different place. People were lucky if they were making $50 a week, and 10 cents could buy way more than it does today. In his 95 years, Jack has seen a lot of things, including the current pandemic, the likes of which hasn't been seen since 1918.


As one of nine children, Jack survived the poverty of growing up in New York City. He went on to participate in the Normandy Invasion... D-Day, the Invasion of Okinawa, and then endured 66 years of PTSD before getting help from the VA. He received 3 years of therapy with Dylan Bender, which enabled him to get his life back and get free from self-destructive, addictive behaviors.


Today, Jack is free of flashbacks, fear, and failure. Living from his current state of gratitude, he has one goal... to encourage anyone suffering from PTSD to get help.


Too tough to be stopped, and no stranger to miracles, Jack suffered a stroke on October 28 of this year, which left him unable to speak. Fortunately, he was taken to the hospital in time to receive a drug known as the clot-buster, and within an hour, normal speech returned. 


Yes, he seems to have much in common with a cat who has 9 lives! Jack’s mission today is to touch lives and help others to find peace and joy. He does this through public speaking, comedy, and through his book, One Veteran's Journey to Heal the Wounds of War, available on Amazon.


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