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Apr 24, 2023

In this episode of Change It Up Radio, Paula Shaw is joined by Tracy Prior, who has enjoyed a 26-year career as a public prosecutor, and currently serves as a Chief Deputy District Attorney and the Chief Operating Officer for a Family Justice Center called One Safe Place, a one-stop-shop for victims and survivors of abuse and trauma. They discuss the effects of grief from trauma and abuse and finding help and healing for victims and survivors.


Some key topic points covered in this episode:


  • How One Safe Place is a one-stop-shop for victims and survivors of abuse and trauma, offering free services to those in need
  • How One Safe Place addresses various forms of trauma, including domestic violence, elder abuse, sexual assault, child abuse, human trafficking, labor trafficking, bullying, etc. 
  • Expanding access: The need for regional centers to ensure that victims and survivors can access support regardless of their location
  • The impact of domestic violence and abuse on children and the importance of breaking the cycle of abuse
  • The prevalence of sex trafficking and the importance of raising awareness
  • The role that social media and technology play in the victimization of children
  • The need for education on healthy relationships and bystander intervention in schools
  • One Safe Place's pet-friendly resources and partnerships



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