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May 6, 2023

In this episode of Change It Up Radio, Paula Shaw is joined by Art Giser, who is a gifted healer, intuitive, NLP trainer, life coach, and corporate consultant in leadership and teamwork. He is the creator of Energetic NLP, which is an energy-based method of working with loss and grief.


Some key topic points covered in this episode:


  • Why grief is such a unique experience for everyone and why it's not limited to death
  • How there are common dimensions and expressions of grief, but no "right" way to grieve
  • Energy psychology tools and modalities that can help individuals process grief more rapidly
  • How Energetic NLP can provide valuable insights and assistance in coping with loss and grief
  • How grief can be rooted in unhealed losses, which can sometimes manifest as addictions or avoidance mechanisms
  • How grief can stem from absorbing other people's energies, which can make it difficult to heal and process one's own emotions
  • Releasing other people's emotional energy in order to better cope with our authentic grief
  • The combination of NLP, energetic processes, and spiritual principles led to the birth of Energetic NLP
  • The miraculous self and its role in nurturing, healing, guiding, and supporting individuals
  • The power of visualization in activating the unconscious mind
  • The significance of understanding and accepting the diverse ways in which people experience grief



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