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Jul 21, 2023

In this episode of Change It Up Radio, I explore the power of showing up, being present, and learning how to effectively and compassionately communicate with people who are in emotional pain.


Some key topic points covered in this episode include:


  • The Importance of Empathy: The need for understanding and acknowledging the feelings of a person in emotional pain, rather than offering unsolicited advice
  • The Process of Grief: How grief is a personal and individual experience rather than a linear process that can be rushed
  • Ineffective Phrases: A list of phrases that could be hurtful or unhelpful when used in conversation with someone who is grieving or in emotional pain
  • Advice for the Person in Pain: Several phrases a person in emotional pain can use to communicate their needs more effectively
  • The Role of Presence: The value of just showing up and being present for those in emotional distress
  • How intellectual responses often fail to address emotional pain and can potentially discount a person's feelings
  • The blocks, fears, and reasons why people avoid having helpful conversations with loved ones who are hurting and grieving
  • The essential keys to being able to develop the skills and confidence to have a truly helpful, healing, supportive conversation with someone in emotional pain


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