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Jul 27, 2020

Imagine a World where governments respect the human rights of all their citizens, where all people have food, shelter, and access to medical care, and children are born into and raised by healthy families and communities, where literacy and education for all are accomplished facts. These are just a few of the dreams/realities that Paula and guest, Marilyn King, will be talking about on this episode of Change It Up Radio. 


Marilyn King is a two-time Olympian Pentathlete who miraculously placed second in her third Olympic trials after months of NO physical training due to an injury from a car accident. All she could do for all of those months was visualize herself training and study films of others doing her events. This incredible feat set the stage for her work today, educating and consulting on using the power of imagery and Olympian Thinking to create Extraordinary Results. 


Olympic Thinking combines Passion, Vision, and Appropriate Action to create success... extraordinary success!


Today, Marilyn along with others around the world are using Passion, Vision, and Action to create Global Peace. When you hear her speak you can't help but get caught up in the vision and believe in the potential of world peace yourself. There is so much in today's news that is Dis-Stressing... give yourself the treat of listening to the uplifting voice of Marilyn King creating the vision of what is already beginning... a global Olympic Village where all people live peacefully with Respect and Curiosity.


Don't miss this show, and give yourself the powerful experience of trying the exercise Visions of a Better World that’s included below and is also on Marilyn's website:


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