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May 22, 2018

Today we discuss flying with eagles and how what everyone does in even the smallest deeds matters and makes a mark on the world.


Speaker, Author, and Thought Leader, David McNally, joins us today to share how we can make our lives bigger and better through how we interact with and contribute to others. He shows us that you don’t need a big name, fortune, or to be on the cover of TIME Magazine to make a powerful impact.


We Discuss:

  • Why our words and our spirit have so much power over how we impact others
  • How a simple compliment or acknowledgment can change someone’s whole day
  • Becoming conscious of who we are and the energy we put out into the world
  • The ripple effect of positivity that can change lives
  • What stops a lot of people from believing that they’re enough
  • Letting go of a hopeless victim mentality and soaring like an eagle
  • Articulating your purpose to transcend the difficulties of life
  • Taking responsibility for creating the future we want


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