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Jul 8, 2018

Today we're talking about love - from healing and transformative self-love, to relationships filled with hot and sacred love that lasts - we've got you covered!


My first guest, Kay White, shares her 30-year long journey with suffering from alcohol, drug, and relationship addiction. She was able to shift herself from being an unhappy woman with a victim mentality, to a grateful and empowered woman who truly loves herself. Through her own recovery, Kay created Villa Kali Ma - A Place for Transformation, for women in recovery, that's all about love and teaching people who are dealing with addiction to love themselves.

My second guest, Emunah Malinovitz, has studied love, sex, and how to have passionate relationships for over 20 years. She's committed to helping people truly have the relationship of their dreams, and her proven methods have turned marriages around and brought what she calls "wholemates" together. Emunah shares what it takes to attract the right partner, along with secrets for how to have hot love that lasts instead of something that quickly fizzles out.


We Discuss:

  • Addictive disorders and the effective tools of energy psychology
  • The unhealed, unreconciled grief that's usually found behind addictive behavior
  • Kay's story of healing and recovery after suffering from addiction and chronic pain for 30 years
  • What's different about the approach Kay uses at Villa Kali Ma (residential treatment center)
  • The medical model that's being used today and how it focuses on symptoms vs. solutions
  • The importance of support in recovery and the need for a fundamental change
  • Getting into the subconscious and healing through retraining your thought process
  • How often our behaviors and responses are dictated by beliefs in the subconscious mind
  • Making our relationships a priority to create sacred love that lasts
  • Getting whole before trying to attract the right partner in your life
  • Learning to let down our walls and become vulnerable in facing fears of intimacy


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