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Sep 3, 2018

Today we’re talking about what we can do to start breaking money silence.


In our culture, there seems to be a stigma surrounding open conversations about money and financial matters. We all could benefit from adjusting our mindset about money, but first, we have to actually be willing to talk about it.

Cheri Blair of Cheri Blair Financial Services joins me today as my co-host to discuss financial literacy and why it's so important for women to up their game when it comes to knowledge about financial matters.

Wealth psychology expert, Kathleen Burns Kingsbury, also joins us to shine a light on money silence and how it impacts individuals, couples, and families.


We Discuss:

  • How we can all get wiser about how we deal with and think about money
  • 5 subconscious limiting money blocks we may not even realize are affecting us financially
  • What money silence is and how it impacts individuals, couples, and families
  • Different ways that money silence can hurt us and hold us back
  • The gap that still exists between the compensation of working men and women today
  • Tips and tools for learning how to negotiate salaries and gain "money talk" confidence
  • Women, money, and power - why now is the time to use our voices and push back
  • How women looking to be more actively involved in their financial lives can face conflict
  • Some steps that women can take to start breaking the money silence


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