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Oct 24, 2018

Today we’re talking about curing viruses with Scalar Energy, and we also discuss volatility and interest rates in our current market.


If you’re not already familiar with Scalar Energy Healing, I highly recommend that you tune into this show!

This healing method has successfully been used on many viruses and pathogenic diseases that the general public believes cannot be cured, such as HIV, Herpes, Ebola, Lyme Disease, and Hepatitis.

The best part about Scalar Energy Healing is that it can be used to provide a fast, remote, harmless, and painless treatment process that can heal over 400,000 different pathogens.

For anyone that is suffering from any kind of virus, you deserve the shot to get rid of it. I have done this treatment myself and have the test results to prove that it really does work!

Tom Paladino, the creator of Scalar Energy Healing, joins me to share what scalar energy is, how it’s able to break down the genetic code of viruses, and why this new way of healing is going to change the world.

Financial Advisor, Cheri Blair, also joins me today to give us the scoop on recent volatility in the market, rising interest rates, and the importance of diversifying your portfolio.


We Discuss:

  • What Scalar Energy is and how it’s been harnessed into a powerful healing method
  • How Scalar Energy Healing cured me of the HSV-1 (Herpes Simplex Virus 1)
  • How Scalar Energy can treat large groups of people quickly and effectively
  • Why Scalar Energy Healing will be a game-changer in the world of medicine
  • How volatility has recently returned to the current market in a big way
  • Why it’s important to not make emotional decisions in a more volatile market
  • The importance of diversifying your portfolio and staying invested when there’s high volatility
  • Why fleeing the stock market in times of volatility can be more costly in the long run
  • Looking at the fundamentals to gauge what’s going on in the market and economy


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