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Oct 30, 2018

Today we’re shining a light on the side of Elvis Presley that very few people know about. 

In this show, we explore the life of someone who had such incredible energy and really made a mark on this world. When Elvis came along, nobody had ever created music quite like his before, and he did a lot of amazing things to revolutionize the way that music was. But, image makers were stuck on creating a version of Elvis that wasn’t really true to who he was or what he wanted to portray.

They wanted him to project himself into the world as the Elvis we’re all familiar with, sporting the slicked-back hair and gyrating hips. But what happens to a person that’s forced to live an incongruent life and show up inauthentically? Elvis had a lot more to himself than what most of us saw from the outside looking in, and there are things about him and his story that we can all learn from today.

Gary Lindberg, author of the new book Letters from Elvis, has spent 30 years of research and incredible effort putting together this work that explores the depths and truth of Elvis Presley. He joins me today to share more about his book that originated from letters written by Elvis to his spiritual guide and provides us with some real insight into who Elvis really was.


We Discuss:

  • What often happens to individuals that are living an incongruent or inauthentic life
  • What made Gary Lindberg decide to do all of the work to bring this book into fruition
  • The relationship and memories that Elvis had with his stepbrother David Stanley
  • How Elvis’ letters were discovered and who the spiritual guide was that he connected with
  • The pain, trauma, and intense frustration that Elvis dealt with in his personal life and career


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