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Mar 29, 2019

Today we’re talking about women's wages and what we can do to close the gender wage gap.


It's crazy to think that in 2019 women are still not earning the same wages as men for equal work, even when they have the same education and experience. So how do we close this gender wage gap?

Financial Advisor, Cheri Blair, joins me today to go beyond the grim statistics and shares five concrete ideas that we can start implementing to work towards closing the gender wage gap and bringing about much-needed change.

"If we really want to reach equality for women, this topic has to stay at our forefront."  -  Cheri Blair


We Discuss:

  • Learning how to deal with both welcome and unwelcome change in our lives
  • Saying the Right Thing When You Don't Know What to Say - Handling difficult conversations
  • 10 components that influence how we think and respond in conversational situations
  • Ways that we can bring about change and close our current gender wage gap
  • How women play a key role in creating peaceful, stable, and prosperous societies
  • Five concrete ideas that we can start implementing to close the gender wage gap
  • How women not receiving equal wages during earning years affects their retirement


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