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Sep 23, 2019

On this episode of Change It Up Radio, we’re talking about empowering solutions for overcoming autoimmune health challenges.


How can we get our lives back if we have an autoimmune disorder that we've been told we'll have forever? Is it possible to get to the root cause of our health issues and allow our body to heal, instead of just masking symptoms?


Certified Health Coach and Founder of Autoimmune Health Freedom, Desiree Lawn, joins me today to share how alternative and natural methods helped her get her life back after years of suffering from multiple autoimmune conditions. She shares invaluable resources and discusses alternative methods that can help us heal, rebuild, and get freedom from mystery and autoimmune disorders.


We Discuss:

- Five tips to help process and deal with painful and emotional experiences in our lives

- Desiree's story of healing and recovering after struggling with multiple autoimmune conditions

- Finding alternative and natural health solutions for overcoming autoimmune health challenges

- Eliminating the stressors that are causing our bodies to be out of balance in order to heal

- The importance of providing our bodies with the resources to be in an optimal state of health

- Diving deep to find the root cause of imbalance(s) in our bodies and to experience healing



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