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Oct 21, 2019

In this episode of Change It Up Radio, we’re talking about turning our society’s cycle of violence into one of transformation and healing.



Incarceration has had a severe, negative impact on both those who have served time in prison and society as a whole. While a prison sentence is supposed to be rehabilitating, many prisoners fall into a tragic cycle of crime that essentially puts them on a path of repeated incarceration.



Roughly 600,000 prisoners are released each year, but unfortunately, they rarely come out healthier than when they were initially incarcerated. With both their mental and physical health neglected, inmates have a high risk of leaving prison more debilitated than when they went in.



Today's guest, Mariette Fourmeaux, Founder of nonprofit Brilliance Inside, shares that the healing cycle starts with transforming prison from being strictly a container of violence to a creator of peace. She explains that in order to create a safer, more peaceful world for everyone, we need to first connect people to their brilliance and help them unleash the positive expression of this brilliance.



Mariette shares powerful insight on the impact of building a positive culture and shifting prisons into transformative places of healing and peace in order to inspire and motivate inmates to take ownership of their actions, their transformation, and their future.



We Discuss:



- Creating a safer, more peaceful world by healing society's cycle of violence and incarceration

- The impact of our society’s current cycle of violence on our communities and our economy

- Encouraging healing by transforming prison from a container of violence to a creator of peace

- Connecting to inner brilliance and helping others unleash a positive expression of this brilliance

- Why a person connecting to their inner brilliance creates a ripple effect of healing around them

- Creating a safe rehabilitative space for inmates to heal the pains that led to their criminal activity

- Helping prison residents successfully reintegrate into society with the right tools and resources



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