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Jan 19, 2020

In this episode of Change It Up Radio, we’re talking about creating change in our lives and in the world through conscious commitment.



There are some amazing things that have been accomplished in the world, and they all began with conscious commitment. Close your eyes and think about something that you have created or accomplished in your life. Was there a commitment to that creation? 



Were there moments along the way where you felt completely defeated and thought that it was too hard to go on? If you chose to keep moving forward, it was because of that commitment to yourself and what drove you to start in the first place.



Today’s guest, Brady Silverwood, is a 24-year-old from San Diego that recently ran 3,311 miles across the United States and raised over $40,000 for charity while doing so.



He joins me today to share how his cross-country journey--while the hardest mental and physical challenge of his life--became the ultimate healing experience for him and what he learned along the way.



We Discuss:

  • How all great accomplishments inevitably begin with a high level of conscious commitment
  • Why Brady Silverwood set a conscious commitment to run across the United States
  • Doing the inner work within ourselves in order to create greatness outside of ourselves
  • Showing up for ourselves, especially on the hardest days when we\'re lacking motivation
  • How obstacles and change help us progress, grow, and move forward in a greater way



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