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Sep 13, 2020

Join Paula as she talks with the incredible Amikaeyla Gaston. Proclaimed as one of the “purest contemporary voices” by National Public Radio (NPR), Amikaeyla is a force for change.

A Cultural Arts Ambassador for the State Department, as well as a highly sought-after performer and public speaker, she travels worldwide doing expansive work with political refugees, war survivors, and jeopardized populations “opening paralyzed voices and transforming wounded spirits...” says Laura R., President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

She unlocked her self-expression and healing ability in an intensive care burn unit after a near-fatal hate crime. Lying in excruciating pain and anguish after being told her legs would have to be amputated and she would never walk again, she discovered she could not only overcome fear, but also become fearless through the healing power of music.

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