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Sep 27, 2020

Join Paula as she riffs about Reflections From Her Seventies. This is a bit humorous as she has only been in her 70’s for 3 weeks! However, she has some strong viewpoints she wants to share about aging, love, COVID-19, and the earth.


All her life, Paula has noticed that when people get older, they seem less concerned about appearances and more concerned with truth and authenticity. They tend to speak their minds without concern for what is PC!


Paula shares some of her secrets and products for staying youthful in spite of her 70 years of going around the sun.


She looks at love and the complicated relationships it can create, and then she talks about how inadequate we will always be at loving relationships until we become really skilled at loving ourselves.


Moving on to COVID-19, Paula looks at some of the gifts of the pandemic and then expresses her strong feelings about masks and the reasons for them.


She wraps it all up with a discussion of global warming, the crisis that exists on the planet, and the need for big commitments and decisive action right now!


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