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Nov 21, 2020

Today we're talking about the mind-killing potential of fear and how we can overcome it so that it no longer runs our life.


Any individual that's experienced fear knows how it can destroy our focus and our ability to think rationally. It has a way of latching onto our minds and our emotions, consuming all of our thoughts, steering us into a particular direction, and even stopping us dead in our tracks at times.


The truth is, fear is not just something that happens in our minds. It can become very physical and very debilitating, and the more we focus on it and feed energy to it, the more it can grow. The last few weeks of my life have created some situations in which I have really known fear firsthand and have experienced its "mind-killing" potential.


From a sudden rat infestation that forced me out of my home to my father having a stroke, my life was in total upheaval and my fear only continued to grow. Thankfully, a dear friend of mine helped me process and move through some of my fearful thoughts in order to shift the situation into a much more positive place. If you are currently experiencing fear in any area of your life, you first need to let go of any shame around it.


If you're feeling stuck or if you're hearing too many negative opinions from those around you, stop listening to those things and remember that your reality has nothing to do with what's happened to other people. You can create it to be the way you want it to be. When we face fear, take action, and move toward it and through it, we can get to the other side of it and take our power back.


Today I’m joined by Jennavieve "JJ" Joshua, an intuitive life coach who combines her real-world experience and rare visioning ability to provide clients with extraordinary insight and practical wisdom. She joins me to share how we can unlock our hidden potential, move from self-sabotage and self-doubt to empowerment, and create greater happiness and a more meaningful and inspired life.


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