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Jan 14, 2021

Join Paula for the first show of 2021 as she shares some of the changes Change It Up Radio is implementing.


First of all, she will be doing the first and last shows of the month solo to enable her to bring to her listeners tools and techniques that she uses with her private clients to change, release, and shift problematic thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.


Secondly, she introduces Paula’s Preferred Professionals which will be launching this quarter. For a crazy small sponsorship fee, these businesses which Paula has personally vetted, will be shouted out each week. They will also be listed on the PPP page on and, as well as on KCBQ’s website, on Paula’s page.


In addition, these businesses will be offered an unheard-of low price to have a professionally-produced commercial created, that will air each week, and which they will own. Since all shows are podcasted, this advertising becomes evergreen. If you are thinking that this sounds like the perfect opportunity for your business or the business of a friend or family member, reach out to Paula today!


Another truly exciting component of this show is that Paula will be introducing the latest Energy Psychology Process that she has created, called Genetic Soul Release. This process helps a person to finally shift and release the energy/behavioral blocks from all of the energetic nooks and crannies, including the Genetics, that are holding them back from creating the life and success that they want.  It is a very exciting process that has evolved out of Paula’s 28 years of work and out of a synthesis of the many Energy Psychology processes in which she has been trained.


Finally, this content-loaded, life-changing show concludes with the discussion of Conscious Completion, a process Paula learned from JJ Joshua, Spiritual Coach. This process enables one to complete segments of one’s life so that there is space for, and openness to, experiencing whatever is to come next. This isn’t possible if one’s thoughts or emotions are stuck in past events. This process is a must for completing 2020 and for doing the same with each day.


Don’t miss this show and all that Paula offers in this inaugural episode of 2021!


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