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Apr 17, 2021

Today we’re talking about women in business and the latest state-of-the-art podcast platform.


If you're a podcaster, then you know just how challenging it can be to build an engaged listenership, accurately track audience data and insights, find sponsorships, and make a profit from podcasting. The reality is that 85% of podcasters don't make any money from their podcast, and 95% don't land a single advertising or sponsorship opportunity.


My powerhouse of a guest, Melinda Wittstock, is here to change that. When growing her own podcast, she was deeply inspired to change the game for podcasting. So, she set out on a mission to do just that... and that's when Podopolo was born!


Podopolo™ is the world's first socially interactive and gamified podcast app and network created to share revenue with podcasters, provide them with audience insights, and match them with targeted podcast network advertising, sponsorship, and premium opportunities to make money and grow their show much faster. Their mission is all about enlightening and empowering people, one podcast at a time while putting profit and power into the hands of independent content creators so they can be paid what they deserve.


My daughter, Erin Shaw, also joins me for our weekly segment of Rut Busters. While we normally use this segment to share new challenges each week that can help you get your creativity and energy flowing, today, Erin takes this time to initiate a very important conversation about police violence in America, touching on topics of victim-blaming, police accountability, and the mental health of police officers.


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