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Jan 19, 2022

In this episode of Change It Up Radio, I am joined by a very special guest who just so happens to also be my nephew, Patrick Gutman. He is a classically trained composer and pianist who writes Film, Concert, Ambient and Meditative music. Patrick's music has been performed both in the states and in Europe, including Italy, France, and Switzerland. 


With musical interests that include classical, film, rock, ambient, dance, and electronic music, Patrick often blends these sound worlds together to create genre-expanding music. As a pianist, Patrick has performed throughout Southern California as an accompanist, solo artist, and recording session player, and has won several piano competitions as well. 



In this interview, we discuss Patrick's journey with music and when he first realized that it was something that lit him up and that he felt he was being called toward. Patrick talks about the power of music and how it can uplift the soul, heal us on an emotional, vibrational, energetic, and physical level, and help us access the fullness of who we are.


We also discuss the importance of learning to trust the flow of life, test the waters, and follow what truly lights us up rather than getting stuck on the details or held back by our self-doubts. Patrick shares how when we are able to let go, give ourselves the room to expand, and let the joy and the fun of following what lights us up guide us, we open ourselves to wonderful things that are far beyond what we could ever have imagined for ourselves.


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