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Feb 17, 2022

In this episode of Change It Up Radio, I am joined by Ellen McCarty to talk about transforming our lives and our relationships through unconditional self-love.


Earlier this week, many people celebrated Valentine's Day with a loved one. And while most people consider this special day of the year one based solely on romantic love, I like to think that Valentine's Day is also about the love of family, friends, and of ourselves as well. Love is a multifaceted concept that expands far beyond the feelings we may have for just a significant other, and it really is the magic of life.


Yet, almost all of us struggle with love to some degree. Some days we think it's our worst enemy, and other days it's our greatest blessing of all. Some of us don't feel worthy of love from ourselves or others, or we subconsciously sabotage our relationship with ourselves through negative self-talk, a lack of self-acceptance, and resistance to healing old wounds. So, what do we need in order for love to work, and what needs to be present for love to grow and expand into all it can be?


My guest today, Ellen McCarty, joins me to discuss the components of a great relationship, how we can make love last, and why being gentler with ourselves and practicing unconditional self-love can empower us, transform the way we live our lives, and also significantly impact the way we love and communicate with others. She explains how unconditional self-love helps us to remain grounded, live our best life, and make the world a better place.


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