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Feb 25, 2022

In this episode of Change It Up Radio, I am joined by Amy Scruggs to talk about shifting our focus on what could go right instead of what could go wrong when pursuing our dreams.


A question that many of us stop and ask ourselves before taking a chance or making a big change in life is, A question that many of us stop and ask ourselves before taking a chance or making a big change in life is, “What if it all goes wrong?” We, humans, are hardwired to focus on the negative, and our worried minds consider all of the possible undesirable outcomes, weighing them against the positives.


Then, we find ourselves wondering if taking that new job, starting that new relationship, or chasing our dreams is actually worth the effort. Sure, all of these things could end up leaving us feeling hurt, jaded, frustrated, or disappointed. But, there’s no way to know for sure what will work out or help us truly flourish in life if we aren’t willing to try. What we really need to stop and ask ourselves is, “What if it all goes right?”


What if it all works out? What if your whole life could change in the most beautiful way imaginable because you were willing to go out on a limb and trust that even though you could fall, there’s a chance that you might fly?


My guest, Amy Scruggs, is not only an inspiring and multi-talented human being, but she is also a prime example of someone who has never given up on their dreams, despite how much time has passed or the struggles and obstacles that she faced. Amy has spent twenty years as a TV host, recording artist, public speaker, corporate spokesperson, and business executive, and credits each successful new endeavor in her life to the willingness to shift when hit with the unexpected and the courage to ask for what she wants in life without the fear of receiving a “no.”


Amy joins me today to share how her new song, "What If It All Goes Right," evolved, what it's all about, and why its message is something that the world really needs right now. She talks about how this dream EP project, which was 18 years in the making, was able to finally come to fruition with a team of world-class musicians in Nashville during the pandemic. Amy also discusses the importance of chasing your dreams and having the patience to keep pushing through, pursuing, and seeing where it takes you because it’s never too late to follow your passions.


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