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Mar 23, 2022

In this episode of Change It Up Radio, I talk about standing united in the light and building a positive force field to encourage peace and healing for all.


On February 24, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine, causing what has since become the largest military assault on a European state and the largest and most accelerated displacement crisis since World War II. As this crisis in Ukraine continues to spiral into a widespread humanitarian catastrophe, nearly 10 million people have been forced to be uprooted from their homes. 


Currently, almost 3.5 million people have fled to neighboring countries as refugees. Hundreds of thousands of people have no access to food, water, heat, electricity, medical care, or other basic necessities, houses, schools, hospitals, and roads are being destroyed by ongoing bombs and shelling, and close to 12 million people are estimated to be stranded in Ukraine as violence increases.


As these vicious attacks continue, the world bears witness to the deaths and suffering of innocent civilians who remain in Ukraine and endure the dangers of life under siege. Millions of people are in desperate need of immediate aid and support, and the people of Ukraine are suffering unfathomable loss on every level.


This is producing grief on a huge level worldwide because it is not just the Ukrainian people who are grieving, but also all of us who are watching this nightmarish tragedy unfold. There is collective grief happening across the world right now, and as a grief expert, I could not simply sit back and ignore it. 


What I want to talk about today does not come from a political perspective, but really from my perspective as a grief specialist. In this episode, I talk about peace and healing, building a positive force field rather than focusing solely on our fear and outrage, and how miracles are possible when we stand united and committed to spreading the light.


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