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Apr 7, 2022

In this episode of Change It Up Radio, Jeff Blanton discusses conscious capitalism, consciousness in the workplace, and how to live and lead with meaning and impact.


My guest today, Jeff Blanton, is a recognized leadership consultant, author, and speaker who even after attaining monetary and professional success, came to find himself in a state of “smoldering discontent.” As his career evolved, he could not help but notice that most individuals, from his perspective, seemed to be simply unfulfilled and content to trade their time for money.


Over the years, Jeff had come to see the value in having a purpose in one’s work and set out to find his own purpose. In doing so, he learned that very few individuals know their foundational purpose and discovered why: it is hard. However, the great news is that, in his search, Jeff not only found his own purpose, but also developed a process for helping others to find theirs as well.


Jeff joins us today to talk about the importance of discovering where our strengths, passion, and purpose truly lie, and how we can find the satisfaction we desire by developing a process to go about igniting our passion and purpose within the work we do. He explains how Conscious Capitalism calls for a different type of leadership, and the rewards and challenges of being a conscious leader.


Jeff provides insight on how these leaders seek a higher purpose for their business beyond profit that positively impacts all the stakeholders beyond the shareholder – employees, customers, vendors, and the community they work in. He also shares how his Jailbreak Leadership Process helps individuals, teams, and large organizations to clarify who they are and where they do their best work through identifying their personal purpose so that they can lead from the top down with significant meaning and impact.


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