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Jun 22, 2022

In this episode of Change It Up Radio, Jetta Blaine joins me to talk about the deep cleansing and healing power of Kambo.


Kambo, also known as the “Vaccine of the Rainforest," is a non-psychoactive ancient shamanic remedy that hails from the depths of the Amazon and is simply the secretion of Phyllomedusa bicolor, or the giant monkey tree frog. This ethically-sourced leaf frog secretion is best described as a detoxing purgative, holding powerful treatment potential for a myriad of different mental, physical, and spiritual ailments.


My guest today, Jetta Blaine, is a certified Kambo practitioner, Thai bodywork practitioner, yoga instructor, and lifestyle integration coach who spent years traveling the world studying and living different healing modalities in search of equanimity for her mental and physical health. She is a living example of post-traumatic growth, and credits Kambo and plant medicines as the forefront guides on her healing journey from her once crippling PTSD and depression.


Jetta joins me to share her personal journey with plant medicine and Kambo and how they have been some of the major tools she has used in her journey back to health, and healing, and wholeness. She also provides an in-depth explanation of what Kambo is, where it originated from, what its benefits are, and how it is safely administered as an alternative medicine treatment.


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