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May 14, 2018

Today we discuss the missing pieces needed for improving success rates for individuals recovering from addiction.


Visionary leader, recovery educator, and author, Dr. Jane Galloway, joins us today to share her personal experience of being in AA and how she's taken it a step further by creating a book that emphasizes the wisdom of 12-step spirituality through the gateways. Recovery has to be more than just enduring staying clean and sober - we have to be able to live it fully, enjoy it, and look forward to each day. Dr. Jane Galloway has come up with a great way for people to do just that!


We Discuss:

  • The opioid epidemic that our country is facing today
  • The missing piece behind improving the recovery rate for addiction
  • Creating ways to make living more viable, meaningful, and enjoyable
  • Offering healthy alternatives to individuals recovering from addiction
  • Blending different modalities to create a life with purpose and a spiritual core
  • The wisdom of 12-step spirituality through the gateways
  • What the gateways are and how this whole path works
  • The correlation between chronic unresolved grief and addiction


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