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Apr 28, 2018

Hello and welcome to the inaugural show of Change It Up with Paula Shaw!


Melinda Wittstock, the creator of a podcast called WINGS of Inspired Business, and Dr. Janet “JJ” Sawyer, an expert in leadership, communication, and human relations, join me to talk about helping women kick off businesses in a big way!


We Discuss:

  • How different roles for women in business have been over the years
  • What tends to be the hardest thing for women in any business situation
  • Where we stand with sexual harassment in the workplace today
  • The importance of having conversations with clear, strong boundaries
  • Why women are having a hard time fitting into male paradigms
  • The beneficial balance of archetypal feminine and masculine qualities
  • Why resiliency is absolutely necessary to succeed in business
  • How to be successful and powerful without losing your femininity
  • The combination of mindset, mojo, and money
  • The importance of having clarity and knowing what you really want
  • The first thing that has to happen when you want to create your business
  • The magic that comes from manifestation and intent setting in your life


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