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Nov 12, 2018

Today we’re talking about one of the most significant cultural icons of the 20th century… Elvis Presley!


One of our goals with Change It Up Radio is to spotlight changemakers. On past shows, we’ve had people who are doing some amazing things in the world, and the man who is the topic of our show today was certainly a major changemaker.

He brought a shift to music that we all know about. When we think of Elvis, we think of the gyrating hips, slicked-back hair, beautiful face, and wonderful voice. But, what we all don’t really know much about is what his life was actually like.

Gary Lindberg, author of the recently released book Letters from Elvis, has spent 20 years of research and incredible effort putting together this work that explores the depths and truth of Elvis Presley. He joins me today to share how he first came into possession of letters written by Elvis to his spiritual guide and provides some insight into who the “King of Rock and Roll” really was.

Certified Master Graphoanalyst and Clinical Psychologist, Jane Hollis, joins us to share her insight and perspective of Elvis, his personality, and his life by applying her handwriting analysis expertise to his letters. She validates that these letters were actually written by Elvis and explains the fascinating things that can be learned and revealed through a person’s handwriting.

Adrian Lee, Psychic and Founder of the International Paranormal Society, also joins us to provide some interesting insights that he discovered about Elvis and the events that took place in his life. He shares the spiritual and empathetic personality of Elvis that was never revealed to the public eye and explores the impact of the negative environment and traumatic experiences that he was faced with.

We Discuss:

  • The destructive impact of comparing our insides to someone else’s outsides
  • How letters that were written by Elvis to his spiritual guide were first discovered
  • What inspired Gary Lindberg to write this book about the depths and truths of Elvis
  • What handwriting analysis is and what it can tell us about a person and how they think
  • The discomfort that Elvis experienced from living a life unaligned with his beliefs and desires
  • What factors contributed to Elvis’ downward spiral in his later years of life


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