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Oct 13, 2021

In this episode of Change It Up Radio, Media Professional, Amy Scruggs, joins me to talk about resiliency and the power of being able to shift and course-correct in life.


Amy Scruggs, is not only an inspiring and multi-talented human being, but she is also a perfect example of true resiliency. She has spent twenty years as a TV host, recording artist, public speaker, corporate spokesperson, and business executive, and credits each successful new endeavor in her life to the willingness to shift when hit with the unexpected and the courage to ask for what she wants in life without the fear of receiving a “no.”


Amy joins me today to talk about shattering the idea of living in “comfort zones,” the tremendous growth and opportunities that come our way when we stop letting our fears and negative self-talk run the show, and the importance of staying in motion when going through a shift and learning to course-correct as we go.



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