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Oct 27, 2021

In this episode of Change It Up Radio, Eric DeVine joins me to talk about embracing failure, building resilience, and achieving any goal we set out to accomplish.


Coming from a tough financial background growing up, Eric's first entrepreneurial attempt was just to help his mom pay the bills. At age 9, he began looking for ways that he could contribute to the monthly expenses, and he went on to start several businesses as a teenager.


By the time Eric was 23, he and his brother, Greg, were buying their first property, and they eventually jumped into real estate investing full-time, building a tremendous real estate portfolio together. Today, the DeVine brothers are focused on teaching financial literacy and encouraging entrepreneurs to reach their goals. They do this through online coaching and their YouTube Channel: The DeVine Way TV, which was an idea that came to life during the pandemic.


Today, Eric joins me to discuss the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, the importance of embracing our failures, having a positive mindset, and developing resilience, and why mental maintenance is vital to anything we want to achieve in life.



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