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Jan 22, 2022

In this episode of Change It Up Radio, I am joined by Dr. Francis Palmer to talk about tapping into the fountain of youth and some natural approaches to anti-aging from the inside out.


Understanding how to age well and increasing the time that we spend in a healthy state while we're here on this planet is of the utmost importance. While our chronological age counts how many years we've been alive, it's our biological age that matters most to help determine the length of health span, or amount of time we will maintain good health as we continue to age. Longevity scientists say that significantly elongating life without sustaining well-being is pointless, and enhancing vitality as we age may be our most valuable health gain.


My guest today, Francis Palmer, MD, is a world-renowned, board-certified facial plastic surgeon and author of “What’s Your Number?” who for the last several years has been focused on educating and helping others fight the aging process from the inside out. More than three decades of his career have been dedicated to helping people look younger by altering outside appearances, but Dr. Palmer says there’s a more sustainable way to feel and look younger by reducing your biological age. And the best part? No surgery is required!


In this interview, we take a deep dive into the difference between chronological age and biological age, which number is more important, and what type of test we can take to determine our biological age. Dr. Palmer explains what causes cells to age faster and increase biological age prematurely, what role diet, exercise, and stress can play in all of this, and what CaAKG (calcium alpha-ketoglutarate) is and why our bodies need it. He also shares new cutting-edge research that shows how a particular supplement can help increase health span, postpone frailty, and decrease biological age by eight years in approximately seven months.


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