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Nov 1, 2022

In this episode of Change It Up Radio, Don Myers joins me to talk about how we can change the world by staying true to ourselves and practicing radical honesty.


Today, we are spotlighting a changemaker who is making the world a better place through art, with a healthy dose of what he calls 'Radical Honesty.' My guest, Don Myers, is an accomplished artist, teacher, musician, singer, songwriter, and owner of Don Myers Stained Glass and Mosiac Studio in Oceanside, CA.


Don joins me today to share his journey as an artist creating stained glass art since the late 1970s. His studio focuses on 4 major pillars of art: custom builds, education, repairs, and supplies, and the studio offers a variety of services in each category.


We also discuss the concept of radical honesty, and Don explains how he interrupts patterns of behavior and beliefs and speaks honestly and from the heart, regardless of a person's 'standing.' He shares some examples of using radical honesty with students, clients, pioneers, and community leaders, and how honesty can result in big opportunities or unexpected positive outcomes in life.


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