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Apr 29, 2023

In this episode of Change It Up Radio, Paula Shaw is joined by Racquel Yarborough, who shares her deeply emotional story of losing her twin sister in a tragic incident while trying to help a victim of domestic violence. Racquel speaks candidly about her journey through grief and recovery and how she was able to find a sense of purpose in the aftermath of the tragedy.


Some key topic points covered in this episode:


  • The unique bond and experiences of growing up as twins
  • The tragic loss of Racquel's twin sister, Rashauna, and how it affected her life life
  • Coping with the tragic loss of a loved one and dealing with other's expectations of how one "should" grieve
  • The importance of self-care and finding a balance between supporting others and healing oneself
  • The power of meditation, prayer, and connecting with God during times of grief
  • The importance of being in tune with a griever and offering support based on their needs
  • The value of authentic expression in the grieving process and the necessity of moving forward
  • The concept of Kintsugi and its relation to Racquel's healing journey



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