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Jun 21, 2019

Today we’re talking about increasing our energy, relieving pain, and healing more rapidly by activating our stem cells and resetting them to a younger, healthier state.


The problem that we all face is that as we age, the health and vitality of the stem cells in our bodies age as well. As this happens, our stem cells begin to decline in their effectiveness to heal and repair our bodies.

By the time that we reach the age of 60, the health and vitality of these cells have declined by over 60%. When we get to our mid-70s, we don’t have very many stem cells left and have a much slower and difficult time healing.

David Schmidt, Founder and CEO of LifeWave, joins me today to talk about how we can activate the stem cells in our body and safely and non-invasively reset them to a younger and healthier state right from the convenience of our own homes.

He shares how Lifewave’s transformative wellness products deliver more energy, better sleep, pain relief, and a level of health and vitality that individuals have not experienced since their youth.


We Discuss:

  • The possibilities of stem cell medicine and how we can activate stem cells today without injections
  • How as we age the health and vitality of the stem cells in our body age and decline in efficacy
  • Why light therapy can influence our health and even control our biochemistry to a great degree
  • How our bodies emit infrared light and activate the materials inside of the LifeWave patches
  • Changing the energy dynamics of a cell to shift the way we look at health, wellness, and aging
  • Using energy to restore the vitality of cells to the way they were when people were in their youth
  • Activating and resetting the stem cells that are already in our body to a younger, healthier state
  • How LifeWave’s X39 patches support wound healing, rapid pain relief, more energy, and better sleep


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