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Jul 15, 2020

When our lives aren't working the way we want them to, so often we start looking around our outer world for who or what to blame. We try to find the person or circumstance that is causing the turmoil, pain, or lack that we are experiencing.


In this episode of Change It Up Radio, Paula Shaw and guest, Dr. Steve Taubman, discuss the real solution to all of life's problems... going within and changing the way our mind is working.


What is out-picturing in our lives is always a result of the inner picture and beliefs that we are holding. The problem is that usually, those problematic beliefs are subconscious, which means that on a conscious level, we have no idea that we are holding them.


In this riveting discussion, Paula and Steve reveal some important truths about how we can discover the blocks and change the workings of our minds so that we can consciously create what we want in our lives instead of what we don’t want.


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