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Jul 19, 2019

Today we’re finding out Where in the Country is Carson and we'll also be looking at what drugs cause Dementia. We discuss:


- Medication-induced dementia and how different drugs can have very surprising side effects


- How patient advocates help patients make informed decisions about their health care


- A new study that suggests that anticholinergic drugs can cause an early onset dementia


- The importance of being aware of any longterm medications and the effects they could have


- What motivated Carson to take a journey across the United States on his bicycle


- Where Carson is currently, how his trip is going so far, and what he's seeing along the way


- How others can step up and help the people of Yemen that are in need of humanitarian aid


- The LifeWave X39 Patch and how it's helping Carson maintain his stamina and recover quickly


- Magical Mystery of My Tragical History - A process to use for dealing with the pain of grief


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